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So yes, after EMI threatened to sue the Irish government and the whole SOPA/PIPA thing; we've decided to try and implement our own bs even though we've just seen what happened in America. Well, now Anonymous are hinting that they might step in.

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I'm trying to figure out who they could attack that are an Irish company; either that or just a company that's big in Ireland.
Seriously, do they have nothing better to do? You know, go out, get some fresh air, a life perhaps?
If it weren't for the government being sued the feces out of, I don't think they would've cared. So how about doing something productive and suing EMI for a change? No? Didn't think so.
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Anon's stupidty makes me want to support SOPA sometimes, just in hopes that the government will have the power to shut them up once and for all.
They can tax our homes, but they'll never take our IIINNNTTTEEERRRNEEEETTT!!
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I was wondering if Anon would step in over here. I admire their rebellious nature, but the whole "we are legion" shit is pretty gay. please, fight the power, announce your intentions, but don't make some kind of gay crusade out of it.
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They can tax our homes, but they'll never take our IIINNNTTTEEERRRNEEEETTT!!

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