I don't want to make one because every one I found has been locked; for some reason, so I just assume, if I made one, it'll get locked like the others.
Everyone here hates slash because he joined UG, posted a few things and ditched out.
Ntm a few other more subjective things...

Axl rose would prolly sue anyways.

not 'okay' as in an acknowledgement.


okay as in, wtf kind of bs is that!? - I accept that as the reason now, but.... gosh darn it, it's 2012, and the web, I want a Guns N' Roses thread. lol

Thank you Stoned Cold Crazy.
is G n' R still relevant these days.. In saying that.. I was listening to appetite last night and it made me smile..... but damn.. Thats when they kicked ass
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Quote by StonedColdCrazy
slash...joined UG...
When I see slash on the home page - I saw this today (just now) for the first time in ages. - Does that mean slash is online?
I don't see it anymore but it was just there.
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