Hi i just bought a crate palomino v32 and it sounds greeat but when i go on the clean channel with the volume past 4-5 i get a weird buzzing when i play? its not standard feedback almost like a lot of reverb type thing. i recorded it and you can here it fainlty but its really noticable in person, any ideas? should i take it back to the consignment shop?

thanks hoping its nothing major

heres a quick recording (listen close) http://soundcloud.com/dmbb1239/buzz-sample-1
yes!!! this is my first tube amp so im a tube noob. (whoah that rhyme was an accident ) how do i get rid of it? is it pretty common?
I've heard of a product called the Tube Tamer that basically installs by your power tubes and stops them from rattling, but I always hear about it being used on Peavey Classic 30s. I'm not sure if there is one that will work for your amp or not.

EDIT: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?1679356-Tube-Rattle

This is pretty interesting... You could try diy-ing this if you have a few simple tools.
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so i opened up the back of my v32 palomino and it has no access to the tubes, tried the top vent and i can see them but not really any easy access. i want to try and see if they are causing the vibrations or not. there is barely any room definatly not enough for the product above. any help greatly appreciated.