Well basically i have decided to build an amp myself and after doing some research I have settled on an 18watt marshall clone. Since i have no experience in tube amp building i wanted to expand my knowledge a bit before i start, and luckily there is whole community page for this kinda Amps: 18watt.com
And here's my problem: I tried registering there but i never got the e-mail with the confirmation link (First time i tried it was more than 2 weeks ago, also tried with different email).

So, is there someone on UG that has an account on 18watt.com and could ask if it would be somehow possible to join this honorable society?

I`m asking on here because i remember someone posting a link to them not to long ago...

PS:before anyone asks, yes i`ve read the note on their page saying that they won`t add new members till the upgrade is complete, but that note is from april last year...
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maybe ask in GBnC

also, there are other forums that discuss 18w Marshall clone builds as Min has pointed out I think.

yeah i know there are more forums than just 18watt.com in wich i could ask stuff but they also have all the layouts etc. there...

oh and well, I meant to post this in GBnC, my fault