I always like acoustic artists who go outside the norm (the norm being that same damn strum pattern everyone uses)

Gloria took a little while for me to get into, but once it started speeding up and building up, it became enjoyable. Pretty cool buildup, I'm not used to hearing that from acoustic songs.

Light pollution sort of falls into that category of acoustic music I mentioned earlier, but hey, it's inevitable I suppose. That being said, it's still a pleasant tune. Whoever is singing has a nice voice, very fitting.

Black Sheep is kind of reserved in the intro, I like that. Stays reserved throughout the entire song, which is cool. The reverby percussion stuff that pops in occasionally is a nice effect.

I'm really enjoying And A River Will Carry You. It's more energetic, imo, and the percussion part is interesting. This song lives up to the prog tag more than the others, to me. Not that your other songs are bad, haha.

Reprise remidns me a little of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Very cool beat, and percussion. That fade out-fade in in the middle of the song was kind of surprising.

Overall, the album cover is very telling of the type of atmosphere you get with the EP, which I think is a cool little thing I like. It's definitely more interesting acoustic stuff, but it's not what I'm into personally. Keep doing what you enjoy, though

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Thanks man. Yeah this album was actually different from what we're used to playing. We decided to make it more acoustic based rather than our prog-rock attitude. But hopefully it'll pull in a new audience once we start releasing our electric stuff like what is on our facebook.

Checked out your band:

As far as Symphony of Cicadas - I like what is going on instrumentally and vocally. I just think the distorted tones could use a check and lower the treble on the cymbals/hihats or at least some of the volume so the snare and bass drum can come through.

The intro for Artifex is bad ass. This one is probably my favorite our of all of them. The drums were a lot better on this one I feel like. Everyone is obviously awesome at their instruments lol. It was good to hear the tempo change halfway through to change it up a bit.

Across the Starscape was pretty cool, kind of sounded like the other ones at the beginning until you brought in the volume rises. Once the gang vocals came in it kind of re instilled the atmosphere.

I never heard of SNSD's original song, but Gee sounded pretty cool. I feel like your personality/sound as a band shines through in that.

I feel like a lot of your songs are rushed and it'd be just as powerful to have slower parts - but then again it's not what I'm into personally either lol

Cool pictures too btw.