Hi I've been playing acoustic guitar for a few weeks now and I decided to attempt to stumble through 'Blood in my eyes for you' using the link below:


I can play (in a fashion) the first section , but when I reach 'Hey, hey babe, I got blood in my eyes for you' when the chord changes from G to A7 I can't get it to sound like the original.

This is definitely as a result of my own incompetence, however, I would really appreciate somebody telling me how it is meant to be done.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz542iQchN4&ob=av2e in this link it is between 20-30 seconds in that I can't figure out.

Assuming standard tuning.......

E-1 0
B-2 2
G-3 0
D-4 2
A-5 0
E-6 0

This voicing of the chord is mellow, with the 7th on the G string. (The G below Middle C).


E-1 3
B-2 2
G-3 2
D-4 2
A-5 0
E-6 0

This voicing is quite strident, or "brittle", and has the 7th on the high E string. (The G above middle C).

Playing with a capo on second fret would equal these forms: D Major would be C major open.

G Major would be an F major barre chord

and finally, A7 would be the G7 open voice.

See which voices float your boat as it were.

Sadly, IMHO, Bob Dylan has become a pale shadow of his former brilliance. That may just be dependent on my age, no offense intended.....
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