Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of Steve Lukather, especially in 80s. I am looking for a customizable double delay which allows setting different ms. I'm looking for something that comes close to the Luke's delay.

0:18,0:19 has this huge delay.

I know that he had lots of different Rack effects by Bob Bradshaw. But I'm just looking for something that comes close to this, since I know it is hard to get this kind of sound with 1 pedal.
No Luke fans here? Well, I was thinking about Hardwire DL-8. I've heard its a great delay.
do you have a budget? a TC Nova Delay or Nova repeater would be better than the hardwire. you can usually find one of those used for $120-150 and they are really nice delay pedals. Getting close to luke's tone without the copious amounts of rack stuff he used will still be a challenge though.
ah,, yeah i didnt look at the thread title. if you can find one of those two delays for that price they are both good. I think he used a lexicon delay, but he had so much other stuff going on besides delay that even if you spent the 5-600 on a pcm 70 you'd still not get there.
Yep, he did use Lexicon delay. Nowadays they are so rare and hard to find. Yep, we could really say that Lukather was a huge fan of effects. How do you others feel about TC Electronic Nova Repeater? Any other suggestions to try?
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