This tune needs vocals champo. It takes me into the mellow vibe and I'm ready for it but I want to be SWEPT away by a great vocal melody. The piano is a sweet touch. The guitars probably a bit too trebly, too sharp. Tell your GF, sing this tune now! I could say the mix needs work, compressing the guitar perhaps.. but really, I think it's just unfinished... It needs vocals for me to fully give feedback. For as is, I'm walking away thinking, how did that song go?? I don't remember. That's not to say what you have is bad, I think you've got a sweet platform for an awesome, emotional alt rock tune.. I just think it's not finished.
i just downloaded reaper, so im going to go back and possibly rerecord this and other songs, and get my gf to sing, il just add tons of gobs of reverb on her voice if needed, but i almost want to sing myself. i can grab my balls, and get a falsetto, and clean it up, write some shitty ass poem lyrics.
i dont think i like the beginning. i have messed around on guitar lately and i think i have a better idea. i need to stop randomly writing and actually puting effort back into my work

bad bad electronic music... i would enjoy criticism on this
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