I had this parker pickup sitting around for months now i was interested of wht it sounds like so i took the bridge humbucker out of my washburn and installed the parker........the high end sounds fine the low end not so much.............i think it may have been ripped out of the neck pos. of a parker but not sure...the back has a R printed on it.. and i cant remember what pos. that is i belive it would be neck and the F would be bridge..right????
yeah i am thinking its rythem but before i pull it back out im goin to try to switch the wiring around a bit....i was too lazy to research anything so i just guessed.......the pickup i pulled out had a white wire and a bare wire..the parker had a white red and bare wire...i have the white at the switch were i took the stock pickup out and the bare was ground and the red i just wraped it around the bare wire so right now its acting as a ground..hope that makes sense...the way this guitar was wired to begin with is a bit wierd......i also changed my bridge pickup in a jackson dinky..the wiring for that is wierd as well most of the wires seems to be soildered together and scerwed down...