i play guitar, but i also, until recently played clarinet. i ****ing love clarinet. leader of my school intermediate concert band and everything. almost grade 5 equivalent.

now i dropped the clarinet for financial reasons - saving the 2 grand was out of the question, so i had to rent it for 300NZD, and then pay $100 for a years worth of lessons.
problem is, i bloody LOVED the performance vibes. we were in a classy blazer and shit when we played and it was cool as man.

now another opportunity has come up - for me to play guitar in the schools jazz band. guitar, not so classy dress but still sweet, and a tour to dunedin from auckland each year, for cheap.

i need your opinions - should i try get serious with forming a rock band with a few mates, audition for jazz band (suggestions would be fo shizz), bite the bullet and buy a buffet clarinet, or save and come back to clarinet and buy next year, while giving myself this year to build some serious guitar chops?

thoughts? please?

EDIT: for those who know, would it be instead worth my time to pick up a 700 dollar 'jupiter' clarinet or the like?
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Clarinet. Good wind players are always welcome.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Clarinet. Good wind players are always welcome.

and paradoxical.
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turns out ive missed auditions. all guitar this year, and then purchasing a clarinet. good shit. thx all.