So I got a promotion last month and decided to put some money into my rig, so over the past couple weeks I've added to my pedal collection and put some work into one of my guitars that was long overdue. First the pedals:

1. Vox Ice 9 Overdrive (sideways pic warning...)

Review: I will admit I'm a bit of a Satch fanboy which is what caused me to jump on this even though I thought it would be somewhat useless compared to the Crunch and Ultra channels on my XXX. I was wrong. This thing sounds HUGE! It has a massive low end that is a nice compliment to the brighter distortion on my amp. Gain is good for everything from a clean boost to classic metal, very nice for rhythm and smooth leads. Sounds good stacked with my modded DOD YJM 308 too. I would avoid using this with a darker voiced amp though, it will probably be too muddy. Also I'm much more of a fan of the Vintage mode, which is great for Marshall-esque tones. The Modern mode can get a bit buzzy, especially at higher gain levels. Overall a solid and versatile OD.

2. MXR Phase 90

Review: Pretty cut and dry here, just a speed control for a phase effect that isn't exactly subtle. The pedal introduces a massive mid boost which may be desirable for some (after all it was supposed to make it sound like EVH lol) but can easily get annoying, especially on the clean channel. I usually just leave it at 9 o'clock for that nice slow sweep to juice up leads or rhythm. I plan on modding this bad boy, possibly to script specs but not really sure, anyone have any suggestions?

Btw I paid $90 for both pedals, barely used and in boxes, and with free patch cable

Also I know it's not amp or pedal related, but I will shamelessly include it in my NGD, I got a refret on my 1985 Fender Strat:

Put 6105 frets on this bad boy...ooh shiny

Also got a Dimarzio PAF Joe for the bridge

Quick review: Guitar plays like a dream now, and the pickup sounds great. Very articulate with excellent harmonics, couldn't be happier. Also sounds nice when coil tapped.

I didn't post any clips yet but if enough people ask I'll put a few up
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pretty sweet dude


I'd love to hear a clip

My HSS Strat looks almost exactly like yours. Different bridge and my headstock is not painted.

PS: My frets aren't that sexy either
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