What's up everyone,
I wanted to see if I could get your opinion on these pair of pickups
I wanna put in either my Les Paul Studio or my Fender Blacktop Tele.
Right now my setup is a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster through an Orange 4x12
I'm decided whether or not to keep the Mesa Head or trade it for an Orange OR50, I'm stil indecisive. But I really want a good crunchy sound for sure.
I know the Orange has a good British crunch, but I would love to see if I could get a unique sound out of my Mesa with these.

Here is the link to the pickups. They have a lot of these on this site,
I'm just unsure to what would be the better choice, but these seem the best so far.

Bare Knuckle Pickups
Love them. Never heard such treble cut through low chugs. Aftermath set. Really tight sound.
Great balanced mids. Neck pup needs a real good roll back on tone pot, not as buttery as i'd like.
The Abraxas model are meant to be a pretty standard PAF copy only with the output boosted hugely. Their output is around that of the Seymour Duncan Custom line and the DiMarzio Evo pickups, if I remember correctly. They're meant to be very warm-sounding. If 'good British crunch' is what you're after and you used these pickups then you'd definitely want to go with the Orange head and you'd want to keep the gain dialed back. With the Mesa/higher gain settings you're going to be constantly bordering on heavy rock and classic metal tones.

If you really want scatterwound pickups, Bare Knuckle do many more types than those (almost certainly others which would be more suitable for you), and of course they're not the only maker of scatterwound pickups. In fact considering the price you're paying, you would probably be better off looking for a US-based maker who can wind you a set of pickups to your specifications. It should be cheaper than the inflated prices you'd be paying for a Bare Knuckle set. At the least, rather than buy those you should look into ordering direct from Bare Knuckle, it may work out cheaper.
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I like Bare Knuckle

If you have any old vintage pickups...

I have this 1970s Kay, it has one unique looking chrome pickup... Which was so old, it was the only thing wrong with my guitar after it got refurbished; so it got sent off to Bare Knuckle and Bare Knuckle made it as good as new for me, I don't know what they did exactly, I think they done everything but the case or something, I don't know... I don't know too much about pickups, but if memory serves me 'They re-potted, re-waxed it and spun a new coil on.'
IDK, they rebuilt my pickup and, I like it how it sounds and that was Bare Knuckle.
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I forgot to add, I'm in a Pop Punk band so I'm trying to get that type of sound as well, just crunchy.
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I forgot to add, I'm in a Pop Punk band so I'm trying to get that type of sound as well, just crunchy.
Then the Abraxas set isn't right for you. It's a heavy blues pickup through a traditional amp and the bridge pickup is practically a metal pickup with high gain amps.

I also would advise against buying premium scatterwound pickups considering the guitars you'll be putting them in and the sort of tone and playing that pop punk demands. The main selling point of scatterwound pickups is they have wider, more sensitive response which can really bring out the character of good quality wood and playing styles like jazz, country and shred where the nuances of the playing can easily be lost on a pickup with matched coils.

The exception would be if we were talking about single coils, where it's always nicer to have something handwound. With humbuckers though, sometimes it's actually better to go with a more standard pickup. If you find some scatterwound pickups that do give you the tone you're after then by all means go for them, but chances are you'll be just as well off - or perhaps even better off - with a regular Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio pickup.

For pop punk and 'crunchy' tones on a Mesa dual recti, personally I'd go for a SD '59 & JB in the Les Paul and for the Tele I'd use a SD Pearly Gates and Custom 5. If you were to get the Orange head, I'd use a DM PAF Pro in the Les Paul's neck position, a SD Alnico II Pro in the Tele's neck and I'd use a DM Super Distortion in the bridge of both.
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