ok so i didn't know where to put this so i just put it in the pit. I would like to learn how to scream and/or growl, but i don't have any idea what to do, and since I've heard that you can really mess up your voice if you do it wrong, i thought i'd ask how. So, any tips/techniques or instructions of what to do would be great. thanks!
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Don't do it. The world's ears and your vocal chords will thank you.

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I remember about a DVD called Zen of Screaming or something, never actually cared to see if it was any good though
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Growls? Pfft. Try some After School Knife Fight or Touche Amore type vocals instead.
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Open your mouth and go "ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAR" VERY loudly. Congratulations! You've just succesfully screamed/growled.
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