Soooo. I'm getting an American Standard 3 tone sunburst strat. Im getting a tortoise pick guard and gold hardware. I'm a strong fan of SRV and i believe his theory in "Less Paint, the more the guitar can breath." I would rather naturally relic it but i just don't have the time. Plus relicing for me also means having my own one of a kind guitar. I plan on aging the gold hardware as well. I want to get more of a matte look with some open areas and dings. I would also want the worn down looking neck too. I want it a little more heavy than the picture but the picture shows that non-gloss matte looking effect. **** I don't plan on taking all the paint off and starting from scratch...i just want to use like sand paper and some lacquer stripper.

Give me some tips on what you do and what will work best.


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Tie it to a back of a truck and drive around for a while.
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Tie it to a back of a truck and drive around for a while.

HAHA, good one
Not going to happen, needs a nitro finish for it to wear like that. I'm pretty sure USA standards have poly finishes.

You are better off buying a body and neck from Allparts or Warmoth and finishing it yourself very thinly in nitro. Otherwise, you are going to be knocking off about half the value of a guitar for nothing but a very bad looking "relic" job that is not going to fool anyone into thinking it's an old guitar.
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Yup, MIA Standards have a poly finish. It's a thinner finish than the ones that the MIM guitars have, but it's still a poly finish. It won't naturally age anywhere near as quickly as nitro will and it's far harder to relic too. With poly your options become either live with it, sand a little bit off and it'll look crap (not 'aged' in any way or even properly matte, sanded poly always just looks like sanded poly) or strip it entirely. Of those, since the finish is a fairly thin one anyway half sanding it won't really change the tone or resonance. You'll need to strip the guitar completely to get a more lively tone out of it, and even then the difference won't be hugely noticable.
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