Ok, so for my next guitar, I'm planning on building a Tele! But I've run across an issue. I know what type of pickups I want... But I don't know what they are. Anyway, what I'm looking for is what type of pickups are used in the Nash T-52's. I love the sound they produce, but I can't really find where the specifics are listed at. Any help would be great! Thanks.
"Pickups available are Lollar, Fralin, DiMarzio and Duncan. CTS pots, CRL switches, Switchcraft jacks and Sprague Orange-drop caps are standard."

the T-52 can have any one of those but you're probably most likely to have heard duncans or fralins in it
Sweetness. The tone I'm looking for is something akin to Burn The Fleet by Thrice. The solo tone is amazing. Very chill, but still has bite.
Being that Nash does assemblies and not their own manufacturing I'm willing to bet they use Fender pickups. Maybe some other major brand but I also can't find any info.
I can however persuade you to grab a set of the Fender Custom Shop Nocaster pickups. I have them in my "aged tele" and they are, in my opinion, the best sounding tele pickups you can find.

Edit:It clearly took me way too long to post this. My information is now wrong AND late.
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