Selling a like-new Peavey 6505+ half stack. This was purchased in January of 2011 when I was in a band that was starting to play out a lot... but broke up less than a month later. It has never been gigged. It was played at a total of 3 band practices a year ago. Since then it has spent most of it's time looking cool next to my guitars. Unfortunately, I live in a townhouse and my neighbors are so close that this thing is impossible to play at home. Even with the volume at 1, it's loud enough to bug the neighbors.

You guys know what this is. It's a kick ass amp. If you turn the volume past 5 or 6 you can't hear your drummer any more. It's one of the most famous hard rock/metal amps in the world. I wish I was still in a band to be able to use it, but I haven't even been playing that much lately. I'd rather have the money than the expensive decoration at this point.

Cost in retail stores is $1300 new for the amp and $300 for this Peavey 4x12 cab (so total of 1600.) I'm asking 900.

You can come play it before you buy it to make sure it works and is as described. You must be able to pick it up though, as I can't deliver it. It is located in Scranton, PA (northeast PA, about 45 minutes from the NY state line.)
Andy Fox
Hard rock guitarist
I play a Jackson DK-2 and an Ibanez RG through a Peavey 6505+ stack