FXpansion Geist drum sampling and sequencing software with Best of Guru and BFD Remix

FXpansion Geist drum sample and sequencing software Limited Edition retail box. This sale also includes the Best of Guru($99.00) and BFD Remix($29.00) Expanders.

I bought it last year from zZounds.com, but I don’t really use it anymore. Includes the retail box, disc, and install guide. More details about the software at FXpansion.com, and in my eBay listing(I have other items for sale on there too):

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My eBay user name is cbrducati.

$240.00 shipped within the U.S. Paypal only. Send a message if you want more info or for sales outside of eBay. I can ship worldwide, but I might have to charge for the shipping.

Oh, and I had 100% feedback, until someone that I sold a pair of sneakers to complained that they were stinky and left me a negative feedback before I received the email about the buyer wanting me to pay to have them professionally cleaned.
eBay user name: cbrducati
Item has been relisted on eBay, so please check out my items, thanks!
eBay user name: cbrducati
Many items still for sale including FXpansion Geist with the Expanders.

Here is a screen of my eBay screen showing my items that are for sale at this time:

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eBay user name: cbrducati
This is still for sale here, believe it or not. I have been relisting it on eBay since January and have yet to get a sale. Is $249 + $99 for $240 not good enough or what? I have also advertised this on the ebay classifieds, ultimateguitar.com, recording.org, Pro Tools forums, Korg forums, Craigslist, Ableton forums, Sweetwater Trading Post, and the ESP message Board.

There are more than just drum samples for those that don't know, it has effects and a song arrangement mode. It also has external sampling for bass and synths, etc and supports resampling of the master output. And it works as a stand alone program and as a VST plug-in. It is a good program and everything, I just don't use it anymore since I have moved on to other things.
eBay user name: cbrducati