I honestly didn't like the previous recordings too much, so I decided to take almost a whole day recording and mixing it over again. I was real stoked with what I got out of more work. Still, it's not the best sounding thing you'll hear, but I'd really like some opinions on the new recording of this metal instrumental. C4C!

This is nice, love it's technical and melodic parts. They are all tied to each other very well, with the drums and all. I absolutetly like this kind of metal, and cuz it is instrumental, I can consentrate on the music only. Very good indeed!

Sounds awesome, seems like you put a lot of attention to detail. And it really shows. Mix sounds great too. The song writing is what really stands out, it is just all around awesome. Pretty sweet for sure
Hey man,

Intro riffs are pretty awesome, technical but with a purpose. Awesome sweeps at 1:20, and nice to have a more melodic lead part after; mixing it up, that's what it's all about. 2nd solo is cool too, then some more nice riffing. Ending is ok. So I really like the song a lot, and the playing is great, very tight riffing and excellent execution of difficult lead parts.
In terms of the mix, it's pretty good, although I think there's some room for improvement. I'd put the bass guitar a bit higher in the mix, I feel it's just slightly too trebly overall.
Well anyway the mix is fairly decent, and the composition and performance and excellent, so great work!

C4C? (It's a cover but I'm sure it can be allowed )
First off good choice of t shirt in your profile picture. Megadeth is my favorite band and probably the reason I started playing guitar. Coming to the song, I love how its so technical and has so many riffs. I can definitely see the Megadeth influence in your playing. The second riff at 16 secs is f*cking BRutAL!! I love the whole song - its fast and keeps you engaged with all the changes. Digging the groove at 1:25. Only thing that I would change is the drum sound but thats just me I prefer more modern sounding drums. Overall its a great song and I love the whole dark vibe thats going on. Good job man.

Also Marching of the Cyborgs is very killer \m/
very cool intro riffs. all over the place and heavy. the solo/lead section around 1:20 definitely needs to be a little louder. at around 2 minutes the solo sounds more balanced and louder so that's fine. the ringing note you ended with around 2:50 is a little too long and distracting to the music. try fading it out sooner if you can. really cool stuff, keep up the good work!
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