Over the past couple days i've been beginning to take a look at cabinets, specifically with regards to how to go about potentially building one for myself. One thing I noticed was that Avatar's 2x10 has the speakers positioned on a diagonal, with one positioned above the other:

while their 2x12 has the speakers oriented side by side:

So, GB&C experts, is there any technical reason why this is? Any benefits to either method? Why would they build one one way, and another in a different manner? I'm interested in a 2x12, but am now intrigued by this offset speaker layout.
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ummm I am gonna try to sort this out...i may be wrong but....
The narrow 2x10 cab looks nicer with a smaller head and it will have a narrow sound projection field which should project further too since the signals from the drivers/speakers dont interfear much with each other like a standard width cab. which comes into play if it is a low watt amp it will need help like that to be heard further away.
The wider 2x12 looks like a standard fullsize cab width and will have a wider sound field

I have a vintage sunn scepter cab with the stagared 4x12 set up its freaking loud and fits in the back of my jetta very easily.
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its the same thing as the Orange PPC212 and PPC212OB (open back). they are different in tat the PPC212 is sealed, while the other OB cab is slightly open.

the real reasoning i seem to take is if you have a narrower head and don't want to take up a lot of room. the diagonal cabinet you listed's dimensions are easier to get in my car, but that is just me.

thin and tall or short and fat. your call. i really do like the open back orange cabs shaped like the first one.
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