Hey guys, me and my friend got together and recorded this song. Its one of our few songs we took the time to do vocals for, and it is all made up of growls (Which I did sort of terrible on, but hey it adds to the effect). Anyways its pretty heavy/fast, and the reason why it just sort of just starts randomly is because we actually wrote it into a 6 part *album* if you will. And the end of the second song will transition to this song. But anyways check it out and tell me what you think.

Sup JDawg?

Slam in the face in the intro, very nice riffs here. Totally reminds me of Gorod (The vocals, riffs and even the drums). I like the diminished runs. Sorry I can't do much of a detailed critique right, I'm pretty bust atm but I will get back on later and do better. In the mean time, will you check out mine?

Okay time for a better crit, and thanks for checking out mine.
Like said, really slamming intro dude. Great vocals too, I was supervised to hear something of this quality! I like how the 2nd riff is, some nice standard harmonies there. The transition with the differently panned guitars is great. I'm digging the riff with the squeals. Cool bass drop type guitar effect there. The breakdown-ish part is real sick. It's kind of hard explaining the riffs I'm talking about by the way, cause there's no telling how far I am into the song :/
Any way this part where it really slows down is definitely a riff worth keeping!
There's a good variety of great riffs in here, without making it seem overdone in nearly any way. The interlude type part before the "breakdown" sounding riff comes back is legit. Keep that. Then the lead. I'm not too happy with the lead tone, but other than that it's okay. I like what comes right after more than it though. I really can't stress how much I enjoy this, man. Let me know when you put an album out, I'll buy that shit.

EDIT: It would be real nice to see Illogicality made into a full song with you on vocals and whatnot.
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Illogicality vocals sounds like it would be pretty fun. I had a blast doing vocals on Curse of Sin, even with my limited knowledge of growling.

Edit: oh yeah and sorry about not being able to know the time of each riff, I told my friend to upload the song (meaning soundcloud) but he uploaded it directly to facebook.
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Despite what you say, the vocals are quite good. Guitars sound really heavy and overall the mix is good, maybe the snare is a little too intrusive. Like the pinch harmonics. Lots of good riffs in here. Like the clean part near the end, for a bit of variety as it's a pretty long song.
It's very good though, nice work!
C4C? (It's a cover)