Hey, I wasn't too sure where to put this, but I could really use some help and I tried finding what was from what I could make out the closest related area of the forums for my problem...

basically, I'm in a band, as most musicians are nowadays, we've been playing together for quite a few months now, coming up to 4 maybe, although I've been with the rhythm guitarist for the space of 14 months, not that that is too important, but basically, as a budding guitarist (2 years playing tomorrow) I really know jack shit about amps and guitar gear....

we're a heavy metal band, my bassist likes to call us metalcore, which I cant stand, I like to call us groove metal, we're basically influenced by the likes of pantera, machine head, lamb of god.. so naturally I'm after a sound which is heavy as ****, but I want it to remain controlled... for my 18th I was a hell of a lucky kid and I acquired a fender 75 twin reverb, not exactly the most modern amp, its from 81-83 I think.. and its only got clean/crunch(''Lead'') settings on it, to solve this problem, I done what you'd naturally do and get a distortion pedal... as I'm a massive gay for dimeIi bought the dime distortion ped off ebay, hooked it to the amp, it works great, the only problem I am having with it, is an insane feedback every time my volume pots are turned up and I am not playing, even if im muting the strings, basically this needs to stop.. I mean like it goes as loud as if not louder than my actual guitar sound... was considering getting a noise gate and hopefully that would control the problem before its even a problem, but im a student, with barely any money to my name, I dont want to waste money, so I thought I'd ask here...

another thing is when the volume pots are turned off but the effects unit on, it hisses, alost sounds like the sea.. my bassist is a massive douche pretty much as just wont appreciate the fact I barely have 20 p to take a shit in a public toilet nowadays, so I want a cheap way of sorting the problem out, im pretty sure a noise gate would stop the hissing as its not a loud sound

im using the amp at master volume 3 and channel volume 6, with the low power switch active, any help would be real appreciated, sorry for the massive essay :L


It isn't my jacks, i paid £12.99 each out the shop for my jacks, they are good quality cables
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If the noise wasn't just there before using the pedal, it looks like there are not other issues (amp's grounding, RFI/EMI interferences). I don't want to pretend I know everything, especially when dealing with such things via Internet, an not on spot. So I will only introduce you to some hypotheses.
The noise might come, up to a certain extent, from the cable linking the Dime to the amp. Cheap cables are noise sources, more than you think. Or, if you use a power supply to feed the Dime, cheap power supplies are also major noise producers. If you use the power supply, please make a test switching to batteries. If the noise disappears, you should buy a good power supply (but I'm afraid it doesn't come cheap).
If nothing changes, you need a noise supressor. Noise gates, as you say, tend to be quite expensive. They are usually conceived for player using racks, not effects chains, like you. And, unless they are very expensive, the regular ones tend to chop the peaks of your notes, which creates a very unpleasant feeling when playing and listening.
A much cheaper solution would be a noise supressor pedal. The most common are Boss Noise Supressor and MXR Noise Clamp. If you can get a cheap one on ebay, it will solve your problem. On the ither hand, if you really are short on budget, there's a cheaper pedal you can try: Rocktron Hush Pedal. Some people don't trust to Rocktron devices, but I use the Hush Pedal for about half a year with most satisfactory results and no issues whatsoever.
Any pedal you get, you should be aware that, when you crank it up, it tends to alter your sound, so be patient and check which is the ideal level, where the noise vanishes without altering your sound. On my Rocktron, that's about 15/20% of the maximum potential, but I don't use high gain pedals. You might need more.
Good luck. Be optimistic: you can always save some pennies for your passion. Playing in a band is the most beautiful thing on Earth, IMHO.
Well, if you do like Machine Head, and turn everything on the amp up to 11, I'd say you should turn down some gain and volume.
You don't need to play as loud as possible, but you can stil sound heavy.
The main thing is to find a sound you like, without blowing out your eardrums, or blow the speaker to smithereens.
The choice of a Fender-Amp might not be the best choise either.
If you want a heavier sound, you might want to go in the direction of Engl, or Marshall or orange, or something in that line. (There are more amps for metal sound, but the list is long).
The guitar might also be the problem.
Since you didn't mention the guitar, I can't really say for sure, but if you have a very cheap guitar, a copy modell or something, you shouldn't be suprised if this could be a reason why.

Hope this helps.

If the Bassist is a duche, find a new band.
You want to fit in as much as possibly, and not come to quarrel with the other members.
IMO offcourse.
thanks for the feedback guys (get the pun )

first things first :L i got the dime distortion off ebay, it came with the original power supply and doesnt take batteries, took it apart there is only a circuit board inside and no battery components, so its supposed to be powered by the adapter it comes with (18V AC adapter), since its an american pedal, it is an american plug, i use a transformer that i bought from a reliable electrical store so i can plug it into an english socket

as its a clean amp, and the most you can get out if it is pretty much a juimmy page kinda thing, i never used to amp beforehand, i have only ever used it with the pedal, but in practice yesterday i switched amps for the time being to the other marshall we have there (marshall valvestate 100) and my rhythm guitarist used my amp with a zoom effects unit inbetween the guitar and the amp, it worked fine like that, we kinda figured it must be some kind of incompatability between the amp and pedal, but i want to be able to use my amp, you know?

i use a cable that cost me £12.99, gold plated, no hum cable, and i also use a random cable to connect the guitar to the amp, but it doesnt hum, its just an ordinary black jack lead, i might invest in another 12.99 cable though, i did have one before, but i lost it, i didnt think of that, getting another one is probably a good idea...

high gain pedal it may be, but i only turn the gain to 6, cranking it to 10 is ridiculous, output on the pedal stays at 4, master volume on the amp goes to 3 and the channel volume goes to 6, its loud enough like that and its nothing compared to what the amp can do, but it is still extremely loud for a bedroom (we practice at the drummers house, he lives in a pub)

as for amps, im not looking at trying to be metal like most kids, i have what i have and i wanna make the most use out of it, its a vintage amp and i appreciate that, id rather have it than a blackstar 100 half stack or whatever most kids are looking to get their hands on because they think it makes them cool having that amp you know, most people buy marshalls for the name, not the amp itself.. i like having the fender because its way more versatile in that respect, even if my band is a heavy metal band i dont like to limit myself, maybe i should consider changing amp, but it was a birthday present and i am pleased with the sound quality, its got a beautiful tone, my only problem is the feedback i get from the amp, and with the effects units around nowadays, you can make any amp sound good, all it works as is a speaker unit essentially...

my guitar is a copy les paul, made by westfield, it has EMG 81/60 (bridge/neck, of course) pickups in it, its done me great and i love my guitar, its not the best and i do really need a new one if my band is planning on playing the local area alot, but ive had this guitar since my 17th and its dear to me, when i change to a new guitar (looking at getting a dean, cant stand jacksons and dean seems to be the next best option) ill still keep my westfield, but yeah, thats the guitar i use

my bassist isnt a douche haha, i just called him that, hes a cool guy, he has his moments, i have my moments, as a 5 piece, we work really well together and we've got a good direction and flow, i dont jump into bands and out of bands, i took alot of time to put this band together, and i rejected a hell of alot of people until we found the perfect other 3 members, thanks for the advice man but i know what im doing in that respect, a band is a family and a relationship, and im not a slag , besides, bassists were born to be annoying, any guitarist knows this...

any more help would be great, i wanna know exactly what needs to be spent and if it will work, obviously over the internet you can only give me suggestions and not see the problem for yourself but help and suggestions are alot better than me stabbing blindly in the dark and spending 3 times as much as i needed to by the time its sorted out
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How close is the pickup to the strings? You can try back them off a bit. I had a buddy who got a lot of feedback from them being too close. You might have a microphonic pickup that just isn't that big of a deal when you're not distorting the shit out of it as well. New batteries?
How about not facing the amp when you play? Move it a little farther away from your pups. As for the gain, unfamiliar with the pedal but some amps just arent made for high gain like that. Have you moved your exact rig minus the amp to a different amp? Does it continue? Try to isolate the problem.
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