I would like some help on this...
So i am wiring 2 16ohms speakers in parallel... ( For a simple mono signal )
(on 1/4 jack socket)
+ is going to tip
and - is going to ring or sleeve?

What cable will i need for connecting Cabinet to head?
TS or TRS?
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it really doesn't matter whether + or - goes to the tip as long as you do the same for both speakers so the polarity is correct. For the sake of simplicity and consistency, I say + to the tip is a safe bet

then - (if you wired + to the tip), goes to the sleeve. You don't need a ring in this case

and you'll only have to use a TS cable, but make sure it's a speaker cable, not an instrument cable.
How much wattage are you pushing through it? This will determine what kind of speaker cable you need. I use 12 or 13 AWG most of the time unless it's really low wattage involved.
+ to tip - to sleeve or you will be in reverse phase to every other speaker in the known universe. This won't really matter until you connect your speaker up with another speaker but why not do it right?