Hey guys,

Well I was just thinking to myself and I came up with in my opinion a great idea.

I was thinking of customising a stratocaster into something more stealthy yet warm and smooth, so I came up with a cool new design.

I though of making in with a nice cherry finish with a white pickguard, Gold Hardware, Ebony Fingerboard, EMG DG pickups but in black like a regular emg colour, and the best part of all, a neck thru neck with a black finish on the back.

You need to have quite a lot of imagination to see a strat with a neck thru design but the results come looking beautiful.

What do u think?
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Mexi strat - rip out tone knobs - rip out pickups - + one humbucker - + one new pickguard.

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you had me at EMG-DG
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are you actually having this guitar built?

No, It would cost a fortune to get fender to make me a custom guitar haha