I got my W2 yesterday and I filled out all my info on turbo tax and then just to compare i filled out my info on etax and the amount of money i was going to be getting back was completely different.
turbo tax said 530
and etax said 913

WHy would they be different?
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I always do it through an internet site cos for some reason I get more money .. once in Australia i got a quote the regular way and they were gonna give me 200 bucks, found a website, did it on there and got 4,000 back .. straight into my bank like 2 weeks later .. beauty.

I dunno what etax is but i'm guessing it's a website or sumat? A lot of people don't do it because they're not quite sure about the whole 'over the internet' thing .. but I know about 15 people who have all done it through websites, which have quoted more and they all followed through with that amount as well.
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