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For me it was when I saw the music video for 2 Minutes to Midnight when Bullet for My Valentine were guest programmers on Australian music TV show called RAGE, and my reaction was "looks awesome, I want to do it."

Other videos they played were also influential on me for years to come including Slipknot - Duality, Black Tide - Shockwave, Bullet for My Valentine - Waking the Demon, Bullet for My Valentine - Hand of Blood, Metallica - One, Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Guns N' Roses - Paradise City and Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll. This episode helped introduce me to a different heavier side of music which I have kept listening to ever since.

So what inspired you to pick up the guitar?
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I don't have an exact moment, but Matt Bellamy inspired me to continue anyway.
I wanted to play guitar in my schools band but my teacher said "this is an orchestra the only kind of instrument you'll play of that nature is a bass". I had no idea what bass even sounded like in music (I was... eleven I think, and musically retarded). Picked it up and instantly loved it.

Guitar: After years of playing bass, I got curious and wanted to try guitar. At first I was learning shit like Avenged Sevenfold and Children of Bodom (not the solos, of course) but then stopped playing. I started playing once again when I got into bands like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth.
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A friend of mine told me to play the keyboard on his band, after a lot of gigs i said to myself that my thing was the guitar, two months later i bought my first Ibanez.
I've always really looked up to, and hung out with, my uncle, and so I grew up listening to 80's hair metal, hard rock, and thrash metal. So I kinda grew into that music, and he always had epic guitars and was really good, so I picked up a guitar when I was 14 and that's that. I've always wanted a red USA jackson warrior like he had at one time though, it's the only pointy shape I like haha
Guitar Hero when I was in fourth grade but I quit after about a year, I didn't enjoy it after realising how much harder it is than a video game. I think I picked it up again properly sometime in year seven which was three years ago now. No apparent reason, I just had nothing to do. I've only seriously tried to get better since towards the end of 2011.
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Initially this:

But my mother couldn't really afford a guitar + lessons at the time.

A few years later I heard this:

Got a guitar a year later and started learning songs by ear.
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Wanted to impress a girl, and my friends, plus the live video of Zep doing The Ocean off the two dvd set,

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to not be friendless, and to get girls
so i learnt some green day

and then i saw back to the future, and there was this guitar solo that marty mcfly did and i decided to learn how to do that

then thats when i got into music for realz
I saw Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan.
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I was ironing my clothes and A7x beast and the harlot video came on tv. I was convinced synuster gates was the most badass mother fücker on the planet. Coincedentally, my high school started offering a guitar class. Picked up my first guitar, and i've been learning ever since.
Just a sub-par guitar player..

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I've been wanting to play since I was a kid, but I didn't get off my arse to learn until September of 2010. Alot of the Metal bands I listened in 2008 through 2010 inspired me to play.
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I always want to play since i was like 5 but i never did.Dime's solo in Cemetery Gates is what actually made me get off my ass and start playing.
I don't know exactly, but if I had to pick I'd probably seeing School of Rock as a kid. I ****ing loved that movie...
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this beautiful fellow coupled with my overwhelming teenage angst coming through.
My hands.

Seriously, I wanted to learn the guitar for a while, but then when I noticed my good friend started bringing his guitar to school and played, I decided it would be cool to do the same.
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Bass: Because I wanted to be the one making dat ass shake with the rhythm.

Guitar: Because it's easier to write songs on it.

What made me want to play music in general? It makes me feel good.
I decided to play a guitar when a friend of mine bought one, showed me how to play some simple riffs, and then once he saw i was catching on pretty quickly asked if I wanted to start a band (of course i didn't own anything or have any idea of actually how to play) but I said yes. 8 years later though that band no longer exists I still play with this same guy all the time and am still in love with the bass guitar (which though i first got a guitar I quickly found that bass was much more fun to play).
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My dad and I really wanted to learn to play. He gave me a classical when I expected an electric XD
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I saw Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan.

Best reason.

My sister started playing, and I got jealous, so I started playing.
I saw it lying there, tossed on the ground like a used tissue, and I knew I had to pick it up.
My brother started playing, he sucked shit, so I started playing his guitar.

Twoish years later, I switched to bass, which is much more fun.

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I saw it lying there, tossed on the ground like a used tissue, and I knew I had to pick it up.

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I just saw a flyer when I was 8 for lessons at school and said i'd give it a go with my mate. He didn't even go to the first lesson.
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Hearing the song "Over the Mountain".
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I had started getting into radio rock acts such as Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin, and I slowly got into a few songs by Metal bands such as KSE and Atreyu. When I first heard the solo for Right Side Of The Bed by Atreyu, I knew I wanted to learn how to play guitar. That year I got a starter pack guitar. <3 Been 4 years since.
I've had an interest in music my entire memorable life. I started piano lessons when I was eight. Then I got into rock music, so guitar was the next step in getting into rock.
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