I was talking to a friend in gym today, and we both have kinda the same tastes in music, and we were talking about punk music, i'm a little more into it than him, and recently got him into the sex pistols and the clash, but we were talking about stuff that I guess you would call proto-punk(the sonics, velvet underground, iggy pop). He threw in the name Dick dale and I searched him up and he's awesome. i don't really know about considering him proto punk, but i do think he is pretty aggressive and loud sounding, discuss?
Dick Dale isn't really "punk" seeing as he has no musical, aesthetic, or ideological similarities to most punk bands and got his start about 5 years before even any of the bands that influenced early punk bands existed.
However, Nitro is punk as fuck
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Dick Dale and Link Wray are, and were, (respectively) punk as ****.
Dick Dale is punk as ****
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