I'm looking for a flight case for my Orange Rocker 30 and would like to use the same case if I ever decide to upgrade to a rockerverb 50.

I know the sizes are similar but are they exactly the same?

Orange rocker 30 dimensions are;

21.65 x 9.65 x 10.04 inches (550 x 245 x 255 mm)

Thanks, Jamie.
I tried google but I couldn't find anything for the Rockerverb 50. Thats the Mk II, I'm pretty sure it's a little bigger than the Mk I. I need it to be exact because it's a custom made case.
You could always email Orange...they have that sort of stuff on record. When in doubt, go to the source.
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I've just found the manual online and it says its 550 x 280 x 255 but the MKII is 550 x 280 x 280 so its basically the same really. Heres the manual: http://www.americanmusical.com/ItemFiles/Manual/OrangeRockerverb50Manual.pdf

Also what do you think of the Rocker 30? I ask this because i'm thinking of getting one, would you recommend it? and can it play at bedroom volume?

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Thanks man. Thats exactly what I needed.

I would definitely recommend the rocker 30. Our producer has a rockerverb 50 and it is hard to tell the difference. But then again i've been told by some top class engineers that it's the best sounding Rocker 30 they've heard (they usually don't like them) so I may have lucked out?

Give it a go if you have the chance. But it is definitely worth the money as a cheaper alternative to the rockerverb.

Oh and yes you can play it at bedroom level very easily without much loss in tone
haha! I emailed Orange directly asking about the specs and they said they didn't know and that I should go to a shop and measure it myself haha XD