Right I have learnt a few scales but am struggling getting a riff or scale play for this song.

It's 4 strums each chord and has

c e7 am f em am em f g

followed by

c e7 am em f f f7

Now I'm an ignorant piece of shit and with this I'd just trump for a C pentatonic and blues scale.

But it's not sounding right especially over the minor and 7 chords. Can anyone help me as to what they suggest I play either for each chord or as a whole over the piece.

Now as I said I normally get a scale and just play that the whole time but I just started thing about Barcelona's playing style and wonder if its wise to try playing in triangles for every chord so try and lead the C in the E. say ceg eg#bd ace egb ace egb fca and just keep passing the ball between the players connected to each chord. Or is that gonna sound strange.