Will be used as a practice amp and for demos. Looking for nice cleans. Is there anything better around the price with good cleans and maybe reverb? If not i'll go for it.
I've had this amp for ~3 years now, if you're looking for decent cleans this should do the job ok, but it's nothing special and you could probably find better (I have no suggestions though). Also, this amp doesn't seem to do volume very well; if you want to practice in a band situation (especially with drums) you're probably going to have to go with something meatier. The overdrive is a bit pants too.

Having said all that, if you just want to practice by yourself on the clean channel, it should do just fine.
Try a Vox AC4 / Blackstar HT1 / Epiphone Valve Junior / Fender Blues Jr / Line 6 Flextone II or III / BlackHeart have some great amps - defo check them out.

I saw your other thread and thought I'd chuck these in.
Fender SuperChamp XD. Do it.
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