It's my 18th birthday this year, and I'd like something a bit different for it... My parents like the idea of buying me an expensive watch, but I'm not convinced this'd be a good use of money that could go towards a very sexy axe... However, when I told them I'd rather a nice guitar, they stated that they'd like to get me something that'd last, and that I could look back and say "Eh, I got that for my 18th." So... In my infinitismal teenage wisdom I came up with the idea of getting a guitar commissioned by a luthier... I'd like a kind if standard PRS shape, with a nice grade flamed top and custom inlays on either the neck or headstock...

And then I came across the problem that I have no idea where to get a guitar built to my specifications. I tried a fruitless google search and eventually gave up, so I thought I'd ask here:

Anybody know luthiers in the UK (preferably the North West) that'd be able to commission a guitar for me? Encase you need to know, my limit is about £2.5k, not just my parents money, my savings too.

Finally, sorry if this is in the wrong place, but this seemed the most appropriate category for this thread, thanks all.
Try http://www.daemonessguitars.co.uk/ Im not exactly sure what Dylans charging, but send off a custom quote form and see what he comes back to you with. His work is absolutely fantastic
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Why not get a carvin. The CT6 has a similar shape to a PRS, and you can get it made exactly to your specs.
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Thanks very much for each of your fast replies, I'll look into each one and get a few quotes, cheers again.
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Thanks very much for each of your fast replies, I'll look into each one and get a few quotes, cheers again.

Haven't been on here for a while, so I may be swearing but...Ormsby Guitars, Perry Ormsby.

He is in Australia, but will talk to you on the phone, finalise design ideas etc and build you a truly custom "One Off"and considering the AUS Dollar rate, you will get what you want with plenty of change for a nice enough watch as well, like a TAG etc...

Just look at his site and some of his videos on Youtube, I only suggest him, because I don't know of anyone, anywhere that offers better for the money.
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