Get it refinished in a Steve Vai paint job :')
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You should have waited and thought about it more before you bought it.
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If you're talking in general, i'm a sucker for this

Also, the general PRS> everything applies
if you mean in general, i am a sucker for natural wood finishes. there's something beautiful about it that i just can't get enough of
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ibanez ftw
Natural wood finish, and matte black in general <3

And your link no work for me, so I can't comment any further
Then I shall insert my erect penis into the narrow vaginal cavity of my blood-relative whom I predate by approximately 5 years.
Should add a poll to this thread.

But as there is only 2 choices, I'd have to go with the candy red. I love natural wood showing through, but don't really care for that particular burst. There are some other strats with bursts I like though.

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Candy Apple Red, maple neck, 70's headstock = win.
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Out of those two: definitely Candy Apple Red. In general, it depends on the guitar, although you can't go wrong with natural or blue (especially translucent blue).
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Sunburst by far. The red is too loud.
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