hi guys,

i'm looking for an amp for my house, not too loud.

would a 22w DRRI be too loud realistically?

i don't mean just playing with it on volume 1....

anybody use these for home/bedroom/flat use?
I use it for everything, like in my dorm, my studio, my house etc. It's a little bit on the loud side but as far as tube amps go it's not the loudest. Put it this way, I have a 5 watt champ as well and there's no real difference in tone to volume with an acceptable volume in my dorm room. My roommate 3 years ago had a 100 watt Marshall and to get any tone out of it you had to hear it down the hall.

I usually set mine slightly above the quietest possible volume, it loses some fatness but you can fix that with the bass knob. When I have it on 2 I have the bass around 8-10 depending on the music style, when I have it past 5 or 6 I have the bass closer to 3 and get similar tonal qualities.
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how quiet are we talking mate?

Well, it's a tube amp. It's going to get loud regardless of the wattage.

That doesn't mean you can't enjoy it at low volumes.

Everybody's idea of what 'low volume' and what 'high volume' are can be totally different. Some people think low volume is whisper quiet, and others think low volume is TV levels. It really depends on your housing situation and social situation in terms of who you live with and whether your neighbors hate you or not.

I use a 50w Valveking in my apartment without much trouble, but my apartment has really good sound proofing. I can't even hear my neighbors use their washing machine or dryer most of the time. Other apartments, the walls are so thin you can hear your neighbors take a piss.
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Depends, you can play it at low volumes and it will sound fine, but you're wanting that cranked Fender overdrive sound... well, that might be a little loud for the house.

You could always just stick an overdrive pedal in front of it though...
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