hey guys, so i have a fender mim telecaster, running through a fender hot rod deluxe. Both the tele and the amp are completely stock so i was thinking of getting some new pick ups for my guitar (and eventually change the tubes in the amp too) but i was wondering what u guys would recumbent for a telecaster? should i change both pickups or just one? (i always keep my selector in the middle so i use both pickups a lot) Im looking for bait of a warmer maybe slightly beefier? ideas?
Well It really depends what you want Warmer and beffier applys to alot of different pups.
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Why don't you use the other positions on the pickup switch?
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idk, I'm more of a rhythm player and i just like the sound out of the middle position best. i mean i don't even know where to start tho, whats good replacements for tele pickups?
Do a search for "Aftermarket Tele Pickups" and you'll see the problem in people here trying to recommend any.

Before you start changing pups you might want to really identify what you're after a bit more. Something "warmer" could be as simple as moving your tone knob 1 position and/or changing to the neck pup. You might also find this type of change at your amp accomplishes what you need.

But if you're pretty set on a pickup change, start searching. You'll find hundreds of options.

Or you can get more specific here (type of music you play, type of amp, how loud/quiet you're palying, recording or live, etc.?

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