So, I'm self recording a small EP/demo in my basement. As of right now, all I'm using to record is a rock band mic and Audacity. It sounds decent, but I really want a better sound without paying TOO much extra money.
So I decided to look into an audio interface and a condenser mic.
Right now I'm looking at http://www.guitarcenter.com/M-Audio-Fast-Track-MKII-USB-Audio-Interface-with-Pro-Tools-SE-H76481-i2015197.gc that
http://www.guitarcenter.com/MXL-MXL-990-Condenser-Microphone-with-Shockmount-106203706-i1126975.gc that.

Does anyone have an experience with either of these, or any recommendations?
Let me know asap, please.

Thanks in advance!
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I avoid both of those companies, but it depends on your budget. What is your budget?

As for interfaces, look into Focusrite or RME
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I don't really want to spend more than $300 on an interface, and no more than $100/150 on a mic.
I was partial to the M-audio because it comes with a version (even though it's simplified) version of Pro Tools.
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I use the presonus fire box. It ran about $250 has 10 inputs and tracks great. So far i cant hear any latency. They also make usb version but firewire is. Etter imo.
So obviously, going with the M-Audio is the bad choice.
But what about recording software?
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Yes, I have the firestudio mobile from Presonus. That budget for a mic will get you a Shure SM57, the industry standar guitar mic.

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I'm going to be recording more than just guitar with the mic though.
I know it won't sound the best, but I do plan on recording drums and vocals with them as well. I'm trying to make this as cheap as possible, so as of right now, drum mics are out of the question.
But should I get a separate mic for vocals ?
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I avoid both of those companies, but it depends on your budget. What is your budget?

As for interfaces, look into Focusrite or RME

Somehow I doubt he's going to be able to afford anything made by RME if he's looking at a Fast Track...

Focusrite Saffire 6 + a used Audio Technica AT4040 would be great for vocals. Unless you're tracking lighter stuff, I really wouldn't recommend going with a condenser for guitars. One mic just isn't going to cut it for drums.
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So say I got the Focusrite Saffire 6. What audio program should I use with it? Or does it come with one?
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Take a look at the Peavey PV6 Interface / Mixer very nice unit for the money.

Also you might like the Shure Sm-57 mic

Sony Acid Music Studio ver.8 is easy to use and very good.

If you look around on the internet you can get all 3 under $280.00 bucks
I've always thought Line 6 Pods we really really good for low budget home recording.

Pod Farm with the UX is really simple too, but Pod X3 is where its at if you want metal sorta stuff. Clean sounds arent perfect since they dont have the vibe from the real amp, but some people make it work pretty damn well.