Could you guys be so kinda as to have a listen to my band? leave any feedback, criticism, or anything, whether it's good or bad, we want to know people's opinions!

Our main influences are Paramore, New Found Glory, Blink 182, etc, but we also have a lot of metal influences. Now before you say we're trying to be A Day To Remember with a female singer, no, we're not. We're trying to create pop-punk that had a progressive nature, like metal. So we hope you enjoy what you hear, and stay tuned!


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So there's no easy or nice way to say this but there's no point giving you feedback if I don't address it. The vocals are not the best they often sound flat or notes are off and for the most part comes across as weak and it really cuts the legs out from under the rest of the music.

However your singer does have potential I just don't think she really understands her voice or how to correctly sing. I'm really not a vocal guy but to me it sounds like she's almost constantly singing at the really high end of her range. Which is forcing her to sing in her "head voice" a lot which is why it lacks any power. When she singing lower she comes across much better and has much better control.

The biggest thing you can do right now given that every else is sounds pretty good is get her vocal coaching or singing lessons. You really need to find out what her voice is capable of and what she is best at doing and writing around that rather than expecting she can do the best thing for what you are writing. Maybe that with some help she can sing in a way that suits what you are doing perfectly but it maybe she does something else better. It's from working with what your band members are best at that you'll find your sound.

I know I've come across a bit harsh, especially given that you guys seem young, but sadly that's some time the only way to offer constructive criticism and I hope you take it in the way that it's intended. The vocals are a problem but there are signs that your singer can greatly improve.
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