Hi , I just got my rocktron chameleon and I think I accidentally blew the fuse by trying to use an american to british adapter without using a voltage transformer.I was just curious if anyone knows if it's difficult to change a fuse on the rocktron chameleon and how exactly its done?
It doesn't have a fuse. You either blew up your power supply unit or the preamp itself. Some power supplies will shut off if the input voltage is too high, so perhaps you got lucky and didn't destroy your gear.
Oh man now Im confused, I was told on another forum that it did have a fuse.Do you really think the thing's fried?
DC powered units don't usually have fuses. I'm not certain that this unit doesn't have one but I'd be surprised if it did.

Yes, plugging a 120V unit into 240V probably at least blew up the power supply. Hopefully it didn't blow up the preamp when it did.
Actually it's AC powered.Maybe you shouldnt say things things like that if you don't know what your talking about.
Show me where the fuse is on that unit and perhaps I'll agree that I shouldn't be trying to help.

The external transformer is the key part of the equation. My assumption was that it was DC, but the type doesn't matter here; the point is that these low input units with external PSUs almost never have fuses. My assumption was trivial and peripheral to the issue.

Anyway, pop it open and see if there's a step-up and an HT fuse on the board. I really doubt it, but clearly I can't be trusted.
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It's AC.

I don't know what the power supply is like but it should (hopefully) have some protection built into it so that in such a case you either fry it, or a fuse instead of the unit itself.

1. Fuses don't protect against incorrect voltages. If you put the incorrect voltage into it you have likely damaged the unit beyond repair. A fuse will only protect against a short circuit or something else after the input.

2. The manual says nothing about a fuse. If you can open up the item and snap a few clear pictures of the board I may be able to identify a fuse if there is one.

3. If you see anything that you recognize as a fuse take a clear close up picture of the item.
Got the rocktron fixed now, it was £60.It turns out it I blew the power supply but luckily there was no damage to the unit, and yes the guy at the shop opened it up for me and there are fuses inside.Hope I didn't offend, I appreciate all the advice.Thanks