hey gang, it's been a while, figured i should get back into this whole writing thing.

somewhere in the blue black red there might be white an-
you’re really pale so the white will float and absorb the blue black an-
leave the red
and this ruins the calligraphic tree art that i was making
except it’s chicken scratch
like chickens were living on this page an-
if that were true we may be outdoors and
it would be the middle of some day but i still don’t know which
because at this point i’m beyond calendar days
and we’d be on a farm and and
the cows and the pigs
would be us
we would be the cows and the pigs a-an-
and the sky and the grass and the clouds an-
the clouds are white and you are really pale so
we wouldn’t be we anymore because i am not white
well i am white
but i’m not you because you aren’t just white you’re the whites between letters
now that you’re white and the clouds are white this might slowly take me back
until you’re the whites between the blues and the blacks but now there’s no red.