I was wondering if the pocket pod can be put into an effects loop of an amp, (I have a 100 watt and 65 watt solid state), to use the effect, (in particular the noise gate, but any for that matter).

I'm sure it's possible, (there's an input and output), but it doesn't say in the instruction booklets and I was wondering if anyone's tried it without blowing the thing up.
They were designed to be used on their own or as an effects device in your amp setup. You should be able to without issue.
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Thanks, since I wanted to be sure I looked it up on the support site. Here's what I found in case anyone else wanted to know:

"Q: Can I run my POD/X3/xt/Pro/Live/Floor in an effect loop of an amplifier to use just the effects rather than the amp modeling?

A: Yes, it is possible to to run a POD as an effect unit in the effect loop of an amplifier. You may want to turn off the amp modeling or use as clean a sound as possible to avoid stacking preamps. You may also need to lower the “line level” signal of the amplifier's effect send output to "instrument level" to avoid potential damage to the input of your POD. Some POD units will have a pad switch that will accomplish this function. If your POD unit does not have an input pad switch, a device such as the Ebtech Line Level Shifter can be used to lower the line level if necessary. Below is the routing for this:
Guitar > Amp In / Amp FX Send> POD IN - POD Out > Amp FX Return. With this routing, you would have to bypass the amp modeling on the POD unit and use it for FX only, using your amp's own preamp section."

I also made sure to check my amp's specifications to ensure that the effects send can be lowered to an appropriate level.