Hey guys. I have an 8 track standalone recording (a Zoom MRS-801, to be exact). I have no idea how to use it. But me and my friend wanna record. I know I need other bits for it but don't know what.

Can you guys point me in the right direction of some decent (but cheap) recording gear. I have a budget of about £200. I am very willing to go second hand.

We will be recording two electric guitars, two vocals, bass, and drums. I have a drummer friend who will record the drums, then condense them down to one track for us.
sm57's are probably the best and cheapest way to go as far as mics. although i may be a bit biased considering im a metal guitarist, as is a large portion of UG. if i had the money, id get a 57 and 421 combo, but 421's are expensive.

i DI my bass tracks. they sound decent. nothing too amazing, but it does it's job. i direct input it with a line 6 ux1