so today i bought an interface to replace my mixer.
i decided to go with usb since i didnt have a firewire card and the rep assured me there would be no lag. so i get home use the studio one software it came with and setup 3 channels. BOOM latency in the headphones while recording. very frustrated right now cause i cant take this back because i opened the software which i had to do in order to discover the latency in the first place. so yeah anything helps. just siting here waiting. its just a quick delay tho not very long but noticable and distracting.

my computer is an HP 64bit
8gb ram 3.00 Ghz processor
You should not be having latency with those specs (assuming rest of computer is quality). Have you adjusted buffer setting?

FireWire and USB have identical "lag" until at minimal 4 tracks but you usually good on USB for up to 6 tracks being recorded at once.
i brought it back to the store, and we hooked it up to a mac that already had the software and it was till lagging, so the guy just gave me another off the shelf. hasnt lagged a bit haha i have no clue WTF happened but all is well now!