I can play a lot of post hardcore songs. I wanna know what the characteristics of post hardcore are. Like what kinds of chords are generally used and what scales are played around ect. I wanna learn how to make my own post hardcore sounding licks and riffs. Thanks!
If you already know a bunch of songs then learn the theory behind them.
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To me Post Hardcore is all about dynamics and rhythm and how they change during the song ie rather suddenly in most cases. Soft, clean, repetitive melodies in the verses to the point where theyre almost hypnotic and loud stuttering chorus' that combine power chords, single notes and double stops. Dont just play power chords in the chorus and combine 4th and 8th note rhythms as Post Hardcore doesnt really have a 'groove' like a lot of genres do. For a perfect example of what I mean listen to In Circles by Sunny Day Real Estate. The verse is a melody built around Dmin and the chorus if I remember correctly is a D5 followed by a pull off lick followed by an F5 and then the lick again. btw note the songs played in D standard.