Im looking for a guitar with a lot of versatility.. i enjoy grunge, desert rock..bands like rhcp, bad religion tool/apc.

i wanna stay under $500

ive been looking at the new fender marauder and the epi nighthawk as i do have a fasination with unique guitars.. any suggestion?
I have a particular fondness for PRS guitars but damn do they eat your wallet up. If you want something versatile but affordable, the Fender doesn't seem that bad of a deal.
HSS Strats come to mind
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Guess i shoulda mentioned im selling an hhs strat.. humbucker..hotrail..single incase you thought i was an idiot haha.. idk strats just dont do it for me.. The body shape erks me, the contoured heel, just dont like it.. and my nephew thinking it was a guitar hero toy didnt help either lol.. i do like teles though.
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A nighthawk would probably work but for something different I would suggest a Schecter Tempest Standard. They can play just about anything they're about 500 brand new, can probably get some deals on ebay. Well made, sound good, good quality, coil tap, unique looking. One of the best guitars I've ever played.
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My best suggestion would be to look for most likely an ibanez with an hsh configuration, or there are a lot of ones on rondo with that same pup layout. If you can get something good in there I'd say that would lend some versatility, or a strat with hss, or a tele with something similar (there are a few oddly). I'd also suggest anything else like a schecter that can do a coil split just for the versatility it can provide.
Almost every hsh ibby made has coil split kharn.
Its just part of the switch instead of a push/pull.

Not exactly versatile imo.
Okay, I've only owned one Ibby and that did have the split, but it wasn't my cup of tea. I prefer something with a single coil physically in it, but then again I'm also not a fan of Ibanez pickups anymore. I just figured since they had a few with the middle single coil it was worth a mention.
It kills me a little inside that the marauder isnt offered in fiesta red.. stupid fender you have the darn color, just give me it... ive thought about installing a coil tap on an agile lp or something simular
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If I was you, from the bands you've listed I'd go for a HSS strat.

see above.. im selling a humbucker equiped strat cause i dont like strats