so i have a charvel desolation series ds-1... best guitar i have ever played in my life... i changed the strings today... i was using a different gauge... when i changed them. it seemed like the action went out of whack somehow, and also it seems like my tone got somewhat bassier... i went down a gauge from10's to 9's... i got the strings for free from a friend... i just dont feel happy with it right now... if anyone can help me... please do!
At worst switch back, truss rod adjustment or general set up, no worries, very simple
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At worst switch back, truss rod adjustment or general set up, no worries, very simple

weird suggestion as i was just thinking the same thing rofl... i mostly switched strings because i wanted to give the guitar a good cleaning. but now that its clean i suppose changing back the strings would'nt be such a bad idea... thanks man!
Strings are like $5.. just get the right ones haha.. way easier then ajusting everything
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Oic. Action lowering itself and sounding bass-ier if in tune/intonated correctly is pretty fked up then..

now what i think is weird, is that after attempting to adjust the action with the new strings on, i put the old ones back on, used to dunlop string cleaner... and theres no buzz, no nothing that scares me... all back to normal until i get a chance to get some new 10's... i will mention that they were the reallllly cheap ernie ball super slinky's... the ones that are on there as far as i know are DR's... i think i am going to continue using those on this guitar.
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Did you intonate with the eb's on?

yeah... everything seemed fine... except for a small buzz on the A,Dand G string on the 3rd fret.. especially when i would bend... that along with the weird bassier sounding tone from my amp... i've been having a really weird day... so maybe that tone was just my ears messing with me? idk...
I've had this problem while switching down gauges from 12's to 9's never with that subtle of a change though. This was before I got my second guitar and I ended up taking it to my local shop and the guy just replaced my nut and it was cool after i set it up again. So idk if it were the nut slots wearing down from a larger gauge or a bad set up or a mix of both. If you cant make it stop id suggest just asking someone at a local shop their opinion mine didnt charge me for the fix due to my accesive spending at his shop when there is a GC across the street