something like this from ladies night in buffalo...

When you have licks like this, with a hammer on between two strings, is it better to up pick first or down pick first? In the down stroke first situation you pick outside the strings, is that bad economy?

It seems that up picking first is better but I find it akward, gets better?

i would down pick the first string, that way i'm not playing "inside the strings"
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I'd downpick the first B, then after I hammer on to C, I'd downpick the G in one fluid motion.
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DISCLAIMER: I don't know this particular song and the rhythm of this, but I'm just gonna handle it as it would be all straight, even notes.

Well, personally I would downpick the B string and up pick the high e. Or in this particular case you could do it Dayn's way because you have more notes on the high e so you will have more time going back to starting position, but if there would have been 2 notes on both strings this way would be very fast when going from the B to high e string, but slower when going back making it uneven, which is not a good idea, anyways both ways will work just fine.
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both/different ways if it feels awkward then thats even better (more power to you)
after getting comfortable with both/many id let my hand decide what i like most.
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