First off let me say i apologize if this is the wrong forum, i didn't know where else to post it. Having said that... i'm a 16 year old junior, i've been playing acoustic guitar for about a year and a half(i'm saving up for a electric), and i've been thinking about going to a music school. So far i've found three schools that stand out Mcnally smith college of music, Berklee college of music and Musicians institute. Each school has it's pros and cons but M.I seems to be the best choice. I can't afford Berklee, and Mcnally is in St.Paul Minnesota, so that leaves M.I. I've done a bit of research and i came across many mixed reviews, and i was wondering if anyone here on U.G has been to that school and if so would you mind telling me; What your overall experience was there? What was it like working int he Music industry afterwards? What level of experience is necessary to be admitted? and would you recommend going there?
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