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I love you bro. I'd totally turn gay for you after that.

November 13th, 2011. Nodincap.

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It's probably not indie enough for you anyway.
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I thought the title read homostick...not sure why I clicked though

"the stick that Kraemer uses when bored and alone"
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This is a guitar community not Romper Room.
I hadn't read any MSPA before I started reading Homestuck, except for a little Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, and I wasn't any more confused that my friends who had read MSPA before. Its just confusing in general. But once it hit its stride, I read for 8 hours straight. I made it from the beginning to Act 5 in one day of binge reading.
I haven't finished it yet, but once it got a little ways in I loved it.

Still can't stand Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, but then again, you're not supposed to be able to stand them. They're deliberately horrible.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
It took me about two weeks but I just finished re-reading the entirety of Homestuck. Andrew Hussie is a brilliant man
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I read the first MSPA with pumpkins everywhere and started reading Problem Sleuth

I've also read all Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff like 12 times.