Soooo I'm listening now.

Cool melodies in the intro, although the rhythm guitar is too low in the mix though, and consequently doesn't sit with the lead particularly well. Throughout the rest of the song it seems fine though. Again, the drums are far too low, and don't cut through at all, especially the kick drum. I'd boost the level and EQ to bring the low end out, and also add a nice 'click' at the top end to get it to kick through. Similarly the snare lacks any real bite, but maybe a bit of compression can help it drive a bit more. Judging by the hi-hats you're using a drum program, so I'd definitely try and humanise the hi-hats a bit by changing the velocities slightly, they just seem unnaturally rigid at the moment and very MIDIfied. In terms of the vocals, however, they are solidly produced and sit really well, and your voice really suits the song too. If the instrumentation was brought up to this standard you'd have a killer catchy song, as the song-writing is excellent itself!

A final point I thought I'd just chuck in is regarding the bass. It lacks any definition and sounds a bit loose. Some careful EQ'ing and compression would tighten this up a bit though, and to be honest it sounds okay as it is anyway, I'm just nit picking now haha!

Anyway, hope this helps, most of my comments are generally production points, but the song it self is amazing

I know it might not be your style, but if you wouldn't mind giving me a quick comment?

Thanks for the insightful crit. I've replaced the track to make the drums louder and tried your suggestion. I still am having difficulty, probably in my methodology. Seems to start clipping, shitty MIDI midi drums. I know what you mean about the bass too. In general its very hard for me to get a good bass tone or drum tone on my line 6 tone port. I'm going to have to get something better.

80s vibe? really? Haha I didn't think so, but I do really love some 80's song.

I don't see the 80's vibe either ha. Sounds good though bro, I like it. The guitar around 2 minutes is a little quiet, I think you should give it a little more of a presence. Other than that I don't have much critique. Can't really hear any bass either, for what that's worth...not good or bad, just throwing it out there.
very chill and laid back music. The intro is very nice and I really dig the way you structured both guitars playing together. The atmosphere coming from the effects going on in the guitars adds a nice feeling to the mood as well. Nice job!
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I like it. The quality is pro and I love your voice. I wish I could sing in a higher register that well. The only criticism I have is that I think the guitar in the intro sounds a little too staccato, but that's very minor and just my opinion. Over all, very nice!

And thanks for critiquing mine!