I plan on possibly purchasing a used guitar soon, and I plan on restringing it from the get-go (it's been listed on GC's website for 6 months, long overdue for a string change, and maybe some cleaning) and I stumbled upon Ernie Ball strings, both the nickel wound and the titanium coated variety (also found cobalt...EB...why do you have to mess around with my head?) yet I viewed the cobalts as a little too bright (unless that is a good thing for a metal sound). This will be my first electric guitar, and I plan on playing classic thrash metal. I hope to hear some opinions (If you don't have something constructive to offer, GTFO). The guitar most likely has 10 gauge strings (it's a schecter hellraiser c-1 fr). I have a friend who plays Ernie Balls (need to ask what kind).
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