I just ordered a new amp and cab. The cab is back ordered. I want to be able to play my new amp but I only have a solid state combo amp. Is there a way to plug the new tube into it and play through it or do I just have to wait?
You can do it if you go straight from the new amp to the speakers of the old amp, totally bypassing the old amp. You may have to make up a speaker lead to match - and check your impedance and power ratings.
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what are the imputs on your solid state amp? obviously you have a guitar imput. is there anything else?
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I really wouldn't do this. Unless your amp has a speaker cable with a 1/4" plug going to the speaker, your going to royally **** up your new amp. Even if it does make sure the combo's speaker is the correct amount of ohms.
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What kind of amp is it?

My AC15(which is tube, but that seems irrelevant) has an open back and a 1/4" jack that the speaker plugs into, so no solid connections and I could do exactly what you want to do.

So it's possible. It just depends on the way your amp is wired/and if the speaker, cab have matching impedance.