Ive always had this thing for the Axis body style, but the only makers i can find that use it are EBMM, Wolfgang, and Peavey EVH. They are expensive as all hell. Is there a company that makes knockoffs that are good quality that dont cost more than $500? I know OLP makes them, but ive only ever had terrible experiences with OLP (albeit none of them are of an Axis). Same with Sterling. Do any of you have experience with the OLP/Sterling Axis models, or know of any other companies that would make that body style with good quality?
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The korean peavey wolfgang exps werent too bad.

OLP is quite nice as well.

^not sure if you knew, but there are american peavey wolfgangs too.

i have a korean Peavey wolfgang, very nice guitar, best floyd i have ever seen, thick baseplate, looks indestructible. however its dive only. paid $400

i have a USA Peavey Wolfgang i picked up for $480 shipped and insured. honestly it is amazing. the previous owner had some work done on it, had a fresh fretwork done (crowning or leveling cant remember which) had a very nice nut. has a few dings, i would put it up to any of my guitars, it holds its own.

the pickups in both are excellent, i read in one source that they were nonbranded versions wound by Dimarzio's that were in the EBMM Axis Version.

killer guitars. i wouldn't get one of the EVH (fender branded) guitars, they are triple the price and IMO don't feel as nice. i played one right out of setup from the GC Luthier (again my GC is the one with a real luthier), the peavey versions are much nicer, i had my salesman play mine and the Fender EVH branded one and another salesmen. all three of us liked (my) the peavey wolfgang better, and was a third of the cost.
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the Sterling (Music Man 's import line)version is a really nice guitar and well worth the money. played a few and they were all good.